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Creative Idea

Use products as a tool to expand the market; 

Intellectual property rights as the backing of enterprise development; 

The purpose of serving consumers is health, comfort and safety.

Company goals

Be a company with social responsibility;

be a company with industry competitiveness; 

be a modern enterprise full of youthful vitality.


Formaldehyde purification lamp to capture formaldehyde


Active carbon adsorption of formaldehyde

Automatic, long-term formaldehyde removal and hyper silence


Smart Technology  Health Living

Using 2.4G intelligent memory controller, stepless adjustment of light intensity and color temperature, night light, negative ions, air volume adjustment, air quality automatic detection and liquid crystal display.


The functions of two kinds of products, lighting and air purification, are integrated into one. It has strong and complete lighting function, and also functions as an air purifier, which greatly improves product performance price ratio and contributes to air safety and health for households.



Guangdong shunde kaicheng lighting co。, LTD。, founded in 2011, is engaged in the development and production of healthy lighting products。

The founder of Honeywell Honeywell original creator, based on mature LED lamps and air purification technology,

In September 2016, we set up the Hlar project and started to develop a series of multi-functional air purifying lamp products suitable for the bedroom。




Guangdong shunde kaicheng lighting co。, LTD。 Was founded in 2011 in the spirit of pioneering, honest and win-win, standing at the forefront of LED home lighting technology。To develop healthy, comfortable and safe home lighting appliances。


Contact Information

     YI FU industrial parks, port Road, Leliu Town, 

        Shunde District. Foshan City, Guangzhou China






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